Jim Halpert Face at Restaurants

Me at Dressler, Williamsburg Ramsey at Enid's, Greenpoint
For no real reason, I started a Flickr photoset of my boyfriend and I making a Jim Halpert-like face at almost every restaurant we’ve eaten at over the past month or so. I occasionally forget, but most of them have been documented here. I will continue this tradition until I’m told to put my grainy iPhone camera away.



Williamsburg BBQ: Fette Sau

I realize having my first two food posts be about barbecue and mac & cheese seems to set a tone of unhealthy eating, but I promise these moments of caloric indulgence are not as often as they appear. I have my share of sensible salads from Olive’s for lunch and home-cooked meals throughout the week. However, this past Saturday, it was time to load up on delicious barbecue at the hippest barbecue spot in the city: Fette Sau.
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