Flower Therapy

yellowstarThe last two weeks have been crazed. I haven’t had time to cook, so my refrigerator became a wasteland of half-empty takeout containers. Pad thai, oversized salads, and halves of halves of sandwiches littered the shelves, each one a sign that I needed to stay away from my computer and email and everything else this weekend. It was time to escape to a glass conservatory full of flowers in the Bronx.


I woke up early on Saturday morning for a solo journey to the New York Botanical Gardens. It was the second-to-last weekend of their annual Orchid Show, known for its towering displays and hundreds of varieties of flowers. Prime example:

orchidtowerEvery orchid that’s crossed the threshold of my apartment has died, so I’m fascinated by anyone that can keep these flowers alive, let alone get them to bloom. Continue Reading →