Brooklyn Recession Dining

I’d love to be able to have friends over for dinner, set a beautiful table, and not force people to sit on the floor and wrangle with their plates. Unfortunately, our apartment doesn’t have enough space for proper entertaining, so we almost always go out for dinner when people visit Ramsey and I in Greenpoint. 

Lucky for us, northern Brooklyn boats a fair number of moderately-priced restaurants that let us enjoy good food on a recession budget. Here are four of my favorites where you can get a meal for $15 or less (beverage not included). Continue Reading →



Williamsburg BBQ: Fette Sau

I realize having my first two food posts be about barbecue and mac & cheese seems to set a tone of unhealthy eating, but I promise these moments of caloric indulgence are not as often as they appear. I have my share of sensible salads from Olive’s for lunch and home-cooked meals throughout the week. However, this past Saturday, it was time to load up on delicious barbecue at the hippest barbecue spot in the city: Fette Sau.
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