France, Day 2: Art and Pastry

Our second day in Paris brought art, pastries, and some quality time with fellow tourists. After a breakfast bummer of burnt crepes near our hotel in the Latin Quarter, we walked northwest towards the Louvre, a massive museum (pictured above) with over 36,000 pieces in its collection.

Our first day had been quiet, with even the streets near the Eiffel Tower seeming less crowded than Brooklyn on a Saturday in August, but as we drew closer to the Louvre, we were surrounded by more and more tour groups. When we finally arrived, the line snaked around the glass pyramids and fountains. Two hours and three short rain showers later, we were in.

The thing that struck me most about the Louvre was how ornate so many of the rooms were. I’m used to stark white walls, but as the Louvre was also a palace, the ceilings and walls were covered in paintings and flourishes. Continue Reading →