Weathering the Storm

The rain has passed, but the surge is still flooding lower Manhattan. We’ve been lucky here in Park Slope to still have power, and we’re five long blocks from the overflowing Gowanus Canal. We’re also lucky to know that our friends are safe, albeit most are without power.

I worked from home all day and then distracted myself from the winds by making dinner: roasted and smashed sweet potatoes, sauteed kale, and baked chicken breasts with garlic paste and thyme. As many perishable goods as I could put into one meal in case the power went down. It may still go, but we’re stocked with canned goods and a very large container of dry roasted peanuts.

I hope you’re safe and dry. As everyone said in line at our local bodega yesterday, I’ll see you on the other side of this.



Thanksgiving in the Adirondacks

I spent Thanksgiving at my mother’s house upstate in Lake George. Her house is surrounded by snow-covered mountains and evergreen trees (as you can see in the post below), making it a perfect escape from the city. I am also envious of her large kitchen with countertop space to spare and a window overlooking a forest above the sink. Photos of Thanksgiving preparations and giblet gravy after the jump. Continue Reading →