sables8Inspired by my trip to Beurre & Sel, I made sables on Sunday for a sketching get together. Not “sketchy” or “sketch,” but sketching, as in drawing still lifes in little notebooks with pencils and charcoal. We sat in a circle and drew containers and flowers on tables draped with cloth, taking plenty of breaks for snacks.

My drawing skills have progressed little since middle school even though I took a class last fall where were drew bicycles, car motors, and nudes. I think that’s why I turn to photography and flower arranging for the visual arts. I can assemble beautiful things, but it’s difficult for me to translate life to lines on paper. Everything’s misshapen and slants ten degrees to the right. I even find it difficult to cut straight lines with my knife in the kitchen. My hands don’t listen. Proof:

sables3Sables are very forgiving, though. As long as I don’t cut them less than 1/3″-thick, they don’t burn. Continue Reading →